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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

The heroes of camp Nintendo have been ticking along for some time now, mostly without a change in ethos or emotion. You'd think Luigi would be tired of playing second fiddle to a guy who can't keep his own girlfriend safe, but is still offered top billing. Or how gross could a Mewtwo look IRL (SPOILERS: real gross).

Come, take a walk with me down this ever winding page, and have a look at our Nintendo heroes in a very different light. As created by some very talented artists:

9 Crazy Fan Made Interpretations Of Video Game Icons

1. Pikachu

By Juan Hugo Martinez

Pika-jeez... too real
Pika-jeez... too real

2. Bowser Peach

By Oskar Vega

Yas, queen
Yas, queen

3. Kirby Redesigned

By Brian Deakin

What happens when Kirby inhales Krang?
What happens when Kirby inhales Krang?

4. Luigi Mastermind

By Garrenh

5. Chain Chomp

By darkly-shaded-shadow

6. Mario On Steroids

By Hadrien Gouedard

Mario on steroids
Mario on steroids

7. Smash Bros.

By Robotpencil

8. Samurai Mario

By xiaobaosg

9. Realistic Mewtwo

By Safari Sosebee

Make it stop
Make it stop

Which was your favorite?


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