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As with most recent Call Of Duty games, the announcement of the next title brought a storm of controversy. Fans went crazy with either love or hatred, though this time it seems like the latter may be winning. At least, if you're going off the like/dislike counts on YouTube.

That may be a bit surprising, but fans and opponents alike were surprised when several members of rival development team DICE threw in their two cents on Twitter. Most prominently was DICE's Senior Video and Media Editor, Roland Smedberg.

He followed it up during a discussion with several people on Twitter, giving his assurance about DICE's next entry to the Battlefield series.

Smedberg wasn't the only member of the company to voice his disdain at the trailer, however. Engineer Julian Manolov got in a jab as well.

Manolov went on to say the trailer was "definitely not in-game engine driven," along with asserting Battlefield 4 as the "King of FPS."

Fan reactions were surprised, but mixed. Some praised the men for "telling it like it is," while others decried the tweets as "unprofessional." Many pointed out the launch issues that both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 experienced. DICE seemed to agree with the second group, and Smedberg quickly deleted his tweet and issued an apology.

Despite the apology, the pressure is on for DICE. If their reveal is anything but great, these tweets will likely come back into view pretty quickly. Though DICE is not responsible for them, in the public eye, they're tied to them. It's going to be an interesting wait 'til Friday.


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