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Greetings Guardians. Are you still grinding away for rare loot drops, endlessly searching for that one rare gun that's been eluding you since launch day? Why not just build your own!

Eric Newgard did exactly that, taking matters into his own hands by crafting his own DIY arsenal of custom built weaponry. As he says:

Over the last two years I've created 11 different weapons from Destiny (The LDR 5001 and Duke mk. 10 were not made by me). These were all made using a combination of 3d printing and traditional hand crafting techniques.

The finished products, you'll note after scrolling below, are as beautifully detailed as anything in the actual game. Bravo, Mr. Newgard!



The Last Word

Willbreaker Swords


Duke Mk. 44

The Calming

Ace of Spades

Venation III


The Devil You Know

Golden Loot Chest

If you're curious to see the process of how these were made, more progress photos are on instagram and flickr.

What's your weapon of choice?


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