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Did you honestly think that the world of Fallout 4 was flat? They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the Earth was round but what about our sole survivor?

New images reveal that the world of Fallout is actually round. Institute scientists located deep beneath the ruins of MIT have been working for decades to refine the technology required to send snyths into space. After years of dedicated research they finally did it.

The mission was to send a synth into space to take satellite type photos of the Wasteland in order to give them the advantage in battle against the scourge of the surface. But the results they got back were shocking!

The Earth was round – not flat as originally believed. It was the scientific discovery of the century.

Not really of course this is just another fantastic fan mod that has brilliantly wrapped the landscape of the Wasteland around a sphere.

kidaXV has used a panorama photo stitcher to expertly interlink 45 separate aerial screenshots of the Wasteland. I can see my settlement from up here!

Even from way up here I am pretty sure I can hear Preston telling me that another settlement needs my help – there is no escape!

What’s your favourite mod so far?

Source: Kotaku


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