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Superhot, the mind-boggling, minimalist FPS where time slows down when you stop moving, has been blowing gamers away since it released earlier this year to much fanfare after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

But in the 2 or so months the game has been out in the wilds, it's caused so much of a stir that modders are heading back to older games in order to mod the shooter's time-bending mechanic into their aged code.

Take modder and YouTuber Xilandro who has been working on slipping Superhot's freeze framing mechanic into where else but Fallout: New Vegas. Check it out in the video below:

And behold! A beautiful amalgamation has been created. It's still New Vegas, with all the trimmings. But now with an added Superhot filling like casually deflecting bullets with swords, and all that. Now someone hurry up and make this for Fallout 4 so I can kind of have Superhot on my PS4.

And be careful because this mod is pretty overpowered, meaning you'll dish out a megaton of damage to all goons, but they'll exact exactly the same right back at ya.

But if you're more of a Grand Theft Auto type of gamer don't be disheartened, because modder reddor has created a pretty hot mod for GTA 5 too. Check that out in action below:

New Vegas' Superhot mod is still yet to drop, but you better believe we'll keep you abreast of all the hot happenings once this madness releases.

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(Source: Xilandro/YouTube)


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