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One of the most important days in all fans of Star Wars' diaries, May 4th has rolled around like a ball shaped droid and brings with it some bantha sized goodies for everyone, like Star Wars: Battlefront going free... for 4 hours on Origin, and Steam offering mad deals on classic Star Wars titles Like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, et al.

But if you're already all stocked up on good, officially licensed Star Wars video games, what about inserting a little bit of the Force into your current favorite titles instead? So no game feels left out!

Here's a little round up of...

5 Of The Most Badass 'Star Wars' Mods

REMINDER: These are all on PC, so... yeah. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. 'Tides of War'

For: Freelancer

Two concepts that literally float through space together hand in hand. Massive orbital battle sim Freelancer draped in the aesthetics of Star Wars is a delight, and the mod even has nearly every vehicle from the Star Wars universe for you to cruise in. Even friggin' Star Destroyers!

Story is, after grizzly ol' electric Lord Palpatine was lobbed into a reactor core by Vader, the Rebels start to gain serious ground in the battle for the galaxy. Will you help or hinder their progress in the scuffle for galactic supremacy?

2. Star Wars Mods for 'Skyrim'

For: ...The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

To no-one's surprise, Skyrim's genius modding community have brought plenty of Star Wars elements to the excellent fantasy RPG. Slay mudcrabs with lightsabers, ride speeder bikes, craft mandalorian armor and add any of the many races of Star Wars into the game. Totally worth it!

3. 'Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare'

For: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Galactic Warfare
Galactic Warfare

If Star Wars: Battlefront's infantry warfare isn't cutting it for you, then why not boot up an old friend and give it a new lick of paint? 'Galactic Warfare' coats CoD 4 in the glorious shades of Star Wars, and the customarily intense gameplay of MW fits in so well when constantly being shot in the back by other gamers.

4. 'Star Wars' Mod

For: NBA 2k14

Star Wars basketball mod
Star Wars basketball mod

And then there this utter legend of a mod. Yes you too can be a king of the court and dunk like Yoda, because why the hell not!? The mod also includes teams comprising of characters from I, Robot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and DC & Marvel to name but a few.

Check it out in this brilliant video below:

5. Star Wars - Imperial Architect

For: Prison Architect

Imperial Architect
Imperial Architect

It's only natural that the hilarious and harsh prison sim should get its own conversion mod, where you are tasked with escaping an Imperial detention center on a remote planet somewhere in enemy space.

Any of these tickle you fancy? Well get gaming, gamer! And godspeed.

What's your favorite Star Wars mod?


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