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Miracles are possible, ladies and gentlemen. Every year, hundreds of drivers and celebrities bring outrageous supercars to the European pavement in a 3,000 mile rally spanning this year from Ireland to Romania. Yes, I'm talking about the Gumball 3000, perhaps the most extravagant race known to man. Controversial though it may be, this year one of the race teams brought something purely awesome to the table.

While it lacks a turret gun or rocket launchers, it does boast a Lamborghini engine. In a report by the racecar is:

"...built on a Lamborghini Gallardo chassis... and sources the same powerplant: a 560 horsepower 5.2 liter V10 engine. For reference, a 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo can go from 0-60 in about 3.0 seconds..The exhaust tubes on the sides are also just there for flare...It also has a bunch of nifty little features like video displays for the driver’s side and rear views."

So not only is it a Batmobile, it's also one of the coolest cars of all time. Here's a quick comparison of the two:

Team Galag, based in Saudi Arabia is no stranger to either the Gumball or Batmobile designs. Back in 2013 they built a street legal Tumbler from the The Dark Knight. They've been racing for years with Porches, Lamborghinis and other supercars. With both the Tumbler and the Arkham Knight-mobile, they sought to create an almost perfect replica of each, and in my mind they've gotten pretty close to it!

Of course even the Batmobile runs of petrol. If you want to see more of this amazing beast, check out their Instagram, or if you want to see anymore of their work (like the Tumbler) check out their website here!

And just to prove that it actually runs...


Which Batmobile would you like to see in real life?


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