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The creative collective group Brainstorm is back at it again with an art challenge featuring everyone's favorite test of patience, Dark Souls 3. For those unfamiliar, the game is an open-world action RPG that is notoriously difficult. Players must face terrifying enemies, explore unknown dungeons, and do their best to make it through this unforgiving world. Usually this means dying. A lot. It's a dark and challenging game, but gorgeously crafted and ripe with cinematic vistas.

Fittingly, Brainstorm's challenge this month — which is still ongoing — is to create a key frame shot for the game. Of course, one of the best parts of these challenges is the way artists will add their own twists and takes on a world that is known for being merciless and full of peril, and the artists have certainly delivered on that front.

In particular, the submissions manage to highlight the cinematic feel of Dark Souls 3 art while still bringing to light the artists' individual takes on the universe. Some of the submissions stay closer to the original setting while others completely re-imagine the world in bright and vibrant color.

Andreas Adamek Put the Boss Front and Center

It wouldn't be Dark Souls without bosses that tower above you and Andreas Adamek's submission is no exception. The player character is not front and center nor clad in the Mayan-esque armor that stands out like the boss's — this piece is about the towering monstrosity and it's not afraid to show it.

Andy Belzark Tantowi Combines Dark Souls and the Real World

Andy Tantowi had a specific goal in mind with this piece: Dark Souls fan art in a fantasy setting with an Asian twist. Inspired by real-life Angkor temples, Tantowi focused on exploration of the unknown, one of the staples of the Dark Souls franchise.

Jf Lemay Combines Dark Souls and Legend of Zelda and Wins My Heart

Okay, I'll be honest, the second you imagine the Legend of Zelda franchise in a different vein, I'm going to be hooked. Putting Link into the Dark Souls universe seems like a perfect fit and that's the focus of artist Jf Lemay's submission. Forget the bosses and environment; Link is the hero Dark Souls 3 needs.

Ömer Tunç Manages to Beautifully Capture the Scale

Ömer Tunç took a familiar boss, Yhorm the Giant, and brought him to life in this stunning piece of art. It's not a different universe or a vastly different art style, but this is still one of my favorite submissions. It captures the hero, the boss, and the environment while still being an impressive re-imagining.

Adrian Retana Remembers the Importance of Keeping Warm

Anyone familiar with Dark Souls will know the importance of bonfires, which are the foci of the next two pieces. This first one is a simple focusing-in on a warrior taking a rest and I like it because it emphasizes the underrated calmer aspect of the game bonfires provide.

Kyle Van Wyk is Ready for an Epic Miyazaki Adventure

Another bonfire picture, yes. But it's one that takes inspiration from Studio Ghibli and does so very well. The picture alone makes me wish for a full Dark Souls anime done in the same art style.

Lap Pun Cheung Takes Dark Souls to a Cyberpunk World

The next two are all about taking Dark Souls to a completely different world and this first one by Lap Pun Cheung takes the Firelight Shrine — the game's central hub — and transforms it into a neural hub, with a plot to support it. It's an entirely different skin for Dark Souls and exactly the kind of submission that makes me love these contests.

Tide Jitthai Foythong Puts Dark Souls 3... in Space!

Okay, that thing I said about Legend of Zelda earlier? It's also true of most things relocated to space. The above by Tide Jitthai Foythong gives us a peek at what Dark Souls might look like on the moon and it's possibly an even more terrifying environment than the original. DLC, anyone?

Tomas Muir Stares into the Unknown

While this submission by Tomas Muir may be on the more simplistic side, it's still gorgeous and captures the ominous nature of Dark Souls. You have a sword, a shield, and an unknown world of enemies in front of you. Muir distills that all into a single image.

Nagy Norbert never surrenders

And finally, Nagy Norbert did what every Dark Souls player must do: not give up. After some constructive criticism of the enemy on the left, Norbert went back and upped the terror level on his creation, giving it a more terrifying vibe befitting of the Dark Souls universe.

The full Facebook gallery is teeming with even more submissions, so if you liked these, be sure to check it out. And if you have your own submission or have seen similar redesigns, remember you can always share them here by becoming a Creator on Now Loading!


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