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Fallout 4's Far Harbour DLC Is So Huge & So Insane It Might Aswell Be Fallout 5!

Overflowing with mysterious new settlements, rogue colonies of advances synths and all new Deathclaw snacking monsters – Far Harbour is certainly one expansion pack you are not going to want to miss out on.

Fallout 4’s latest DLC Far Harbour has been announced with another incredible looking trailer. The latest DLC to come from Bethesda studios will be the biggest the company has ever produced. The land mass that features in the latest expansion will expand the exploration element of Fallout 4 to an almost unfathomable degree.

The sheer scale of this expansion means that Far Harbour might aswell be Fallout 5. Expect to find a bunch of new characters, side quests, enemies, weapons and mods as Fallout 4 adds even more content to their multi award winning title.

The main storyline to ship with Far Harbour comes in the form of a missing person’s case that lands on Nick Valentines desk. The mystery will take players out of the wasteland and into new and potentially dangerous territories. Get ready to be thrown into an all new adventure complete with murderous cults, delusional megalomaniacs and even more settlements that need your help.

In this new world, higher levels of radiation have mutated the local community to an extent never before seen in a Fallout game. This new addition will even include hidden dungeons – Far Harbour will allow for players to grow stronger than ever before with new armour, abilities and gear becoming available.

Fun fact, Far Harbour is a take on the real world location Bar Harbour, in Maine. Far Harbour will release worldwide on May 19 and will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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