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The world of Pokémon and poke balls is not one you would ever expect to cross with that of Halo yet somehow, courtesy of complete and utter fan genius – a world in which Masterchief and Pikachu can go head to head is now a reality.

This incredible forge comes from the talented mind of Captaindirewolf and drops the players into a Halo 5 arena that is just loaded with Pokémon paraphernalia. Step inside a Poké ball and choose your weapon – Halo just got real!

Halo Forge is basically a feature that allows players to build and craft their own custom experiences within the Halo universe. We have seen some pretty incredible creations so far but this is absolutely the bee’s knees.

Are you ready to head into some truly kick ass Pokémon battles? Don’t be too keen - I am talking real Poké battles here – head to head in what I can only describe as a highly addictive rock, paper, and scissors type battle. Pick your Pokémon, throw your ball and pray.

How the game works

The game starts with two players standing opposite each other on opposing plinths. The general premise of the game is that the player picks a grass, fire or water Pokémon – once your opponent has done the same the ball is thrown. The winner then gets to blow the opponent off their plinth with a variety of big ass Halo weapons.

Now, for those that are unsure how you actually win the game I will explain – the player can choose from a grass, fire or water Pokémon – each Pokémon can be beaten by one of the others – like rock, paper, scissors. In the Pokémon world, fire beats grass, grass beats water and water beats fire. Want to see it in action? Take a look.

I think you will agree that this alone is worthy of its own game. It looks to be a seriously fun, addictive game that would inhale the hours. Halo developer 343 has recently increased the amount of maps that feature in the Forge mode.

What do you think would make a good Halo Forge?

Source: Captaindirewolf


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