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Star Wars: The Old Republic is maybe one of the more polarizing Star Wars games. I've heard many, many good things as well as many, many bad things about the game. I may be the perfect example of this, only because this game has made me completely bi-polar. One week I'm addicted and the next, I'm bored. It's sort of a vicious and time consuming cycle in my life.

Either way, this game has, like any other game, pros and cons. Unlike other games though, there is so much content that it may be hard to make a decision! Here's a basic rundown and review of SW:TOR so that you can decide what to do for yourself:

1: The Main Story (Level 1-50)

(The main story refers to the original game story. I'll cover end game story content a little later on as the game has grown a lot since it's launch.)

Pros: This game gives you the chance to actually create your own Star Wars story. We all can agree that, that is an immediate draw. The story team on SW:TOR did a great job at creating character arcs and companion characters that really pull a player in.

Cons: It can get slow. The game team has made great efforts to speed up progression from level 1 to level 50, but it still takes a while. A casual gamer like myself, may require several weeks to play through the entire story. Levels 1-50 are not for anyone with ADD like a friend of mine who stopped playing due to slower progression.

2: Story Expansions

Pros: The latest expansions, namely Knights of the Fallen Empire and Shadow of Revan not only sped up the progression of your characters, they deliver a story that you never would have expected. Levels 55-65 are some of the best Star Wars video game experiences I've ever had. Playing through these expansions (Now you can start a new character at level 60) is a must for any fan of Star Wars.

Cons: The first expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, was one of the most uninteresting and slow parts of the game over-all. I now level my characters up in other ways, so I can play the other expansions without playing Hutt Cartel at all.

3: PvP Content

Pros: PvP content is extremely accessible and diverse. Players can toggle between PvP and PvE instances of open worlds allowing them to choose whether or not to fight fellow players, while roaming the vast open planets. Players can also play through arena-style PvP matches which award XP and currency.

Cons: PvP content gets repetitive and players looking for PvP only may get bored after a couple of weeks.

4: Star-Ship Battles

Pros: Space battles are a critical part of Star Wars and this game delivers what is basically another game within SW:TOR. Playing the PvP dogfights is very fun and adds another layer to this massive game.

Cons: It is very sensitive to lag. It is also extremely hard and time-consuming to unlock upgrades to your ship, not to mention any new ships.

5: In-Game Housing

Pros: SW:TOR allows players to purchase apartments on a variety of planets and decorate them with items that they can purchase, earn, or find throughout the game. Players can also share one apartment with multiple characters allowing for diverse options for decoration.

Cons: Most decorations require Cartel Coins (which you purchase with your real actual money).

Even though I'm a huge fan of this game, I hope that I've presented a fair representation of it. I know it has flaws, but, for Star Wars fans, you can't find a more immersive experience. I highly suggest you give it a try and tell me what you think!

What are your thoughts on SW:TOR? Tell me in the comments!


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