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As a long time Nintendo fan, I was pretty damn excited over the prospect of seeing the NX and a whole host of new Nintendo IPs and the return of greats at this year's E3. Though the big N poured ice water all over those dreams when they revealed they would not be holding a keynote at the biggest gaming event of the year.

Instead, Nintendo plan on having an event dedicated solely to the impending Wii U & NX port of The Legend of Zelda that (should be?) will be releasing in 2017 to, more than likely, coincide with the release of the NX.

Link in action
Link in action

The Nintendo Treehouse-Live event, beginning on June 14th, will be kicked off by NoA COO Reggie Fils-Aime, and plans to live-stream Zelda gameplay over the course of the day.

But what really has people fretting is with Nintendo changing their plans to not having a playable model of TLoZ at E3, and not display anything other titles, and also no Nintendo Direct and no digital event, does this mean the legendary devs have given up on 2016?

Perhaps. But you have to admit this is one pretty apt move.

The Legend of The Legend of Zelda

Image by Blair3232/DeviantArt
Image by Blair3232/DeviantArt

There's no denying Zelda is both the Wii U and NX's marquee title. We've been waiting and baying for a new Link-shaped adventure for a while now, and whilst the Twilight Princess remaster was just as entertaining as the game was 10 years ago, a brand new outing would be pretty ace.

And if everything Nintendo has promised about the NX comes to light - it being a truly ground-breaking console with power on par with the consoles of the current generation, then the Zelda game we'll be getting will be a true phenomenon.

So if that means that Nintendo has chosen to holster their guns and hold off on a huge reveal, and pool their energy and resources into creating a console and a launch title that could make a Nintendo console a must-have product again, instead of staging a huge conference, I'm all for it.

Though the idea of such a huge AAA company choosing to concentrate on one title alone is an immense gamble on their part, their being cautious and collecting all of their best goods to literally blow us away come next March proves a ton of confidence on their part.

I, for one, absolutely cannot wait to to see 2017 Nintendo in action.

What about you?

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