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Instead of arrows we are trading business cards. It’s World of Warcraft as you have never seen it before. The World of Warcraft is one of great expanse with many a faction set within. But what would it be like if, instead each faction, race or horde was actually a company? What would that look like?

Reddit user nykana has put his creative talents to the test and done just that. He has reimaged each class as a multinational cooperation. Designing some truly epic new logos for the world to behold.

Could this be a glimpse into the future of WoW? As time goes on maybe people will realise that there is no world anymore, there is only corporations and those with the most stocks rule the land. Fortunately for us, this is not the way that World of Warcraft works but it is fun to see how it would look.

Take a look at all 34 classes/specs designed as company logos.

Check out all 70 images in the gallery below!

Whoa! These are just screaming out to put on t-shirts. What an insane collection of alternate World of Warcraft paraphernalia. I will admit to not having played a WoW game for some time now but I would definitely grab one of these.

What do you make of these new World of Warcraft logos?

Source: Reddit


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