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What I love most about fan art is that it comes from the imagination and passion of the fans. It is this passion that allows for so many interpretations and reimaginations to come to the fore. For any one subject you can have a million and one totally unique concepts – and that is why fan art is so important.

Creative Pokémon artist DevilDman has taken to imagining a trio of real world creatures as Pokémon. He chose to use a Manatee, Tiger and Terrorbird - he has taken them from starters up through the evolutionary chain and they are creating quite a hype within the community.

The polls are split fairly evenly so far – which would you choose to chase the elusive Mew? I think with a name like FIRE DRAGON TIGER I am pretty sure that this would certainly be my number one choice. Although, it's hard to imagine Terrorbird wouldn't add to the ever-growing list of super creepy Pokedex entries...

Yup, my decision is final (although, I do love the baby Manatee's face). What an incredible selection of potentially new Pokémon. What animal would you choose to use as a Pokémon?

Of course, you'll also be able to boot up Pokemon Go in July and search for the original starters there. And, don't forget, you could always capture the new species of bee named 'Charizard'!

Source: DevilDman


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