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Tim Horton

This one genuinely tickled me – I never thought I would see a real world tourist guide to World of Warcraft. This talented artist has reimagined all twelve of the iconic starting zones that feature in the legendary game, World of Warfcraft.

Nykana has designed what appears to be brilliantly detailed promotional brochure showcasing all twelve of World of Warcraft’s starting zones. The clarity and slender in these shots are awe-inspiring.

These images are Warcraft gold. Take a look at all twelve of the starting zones as pictured by nykana.

Shut up and take my money, I am sold on Dun Morogh. They even come with little slogans – stroke of genius. nkana states that the idea came to him when his brother bought his first ever edition of World of Warcraft – he said that he wanted to make his brothers experience as real and as exciting as possible - so he thought he would create a real world travel brochure for all the starting zones.

I love the idea of nostalgic throwbacks, thinking of when I began my own adventure many years ago. It was a blast trying to remember what it felt like to immerse myself in a big, exciting, new land.

What an amazing guy! Which starting zone would you book a holiday to going on what you have seen above?


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