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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

There's no denying that Tom Clancy's The Division is an outrageously frustrating game at times. Back in the early days I used to linger at the entrance to the Dark Zone wondering "do I really want to piss myself off that much tonight?"

'Cause when you've spent a few hours nabbing some sweet, sweet loot, overflowing with new weapons and fly hats, and turn that corner into a bunch of rogue bastards who put an swift end to your moments of plenty, you'll have something to sing about. I tell you.

With that in mind, YouTubers ArcadeCloud & NemRaps are of the similar opinion and find the game to be pretty stressful in places, so what better way would there be to relieve that stress than create an ode to the Dark Zone.

Combining apocalyptic New York with the melancholic flow of Drake's smash hit 'Hotline Bling', here is a parody of champions:

If you like what you saw here, get over to ArcadeCloud and NemRaps' channels for more funs.

(Source: ArcadeCloud/YouTube)


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