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After having depicted war in all its twisted ways for more than 20 years, futuristic wars are now taking over the FPS landscape, trying to breath new life to a genre in great need of novelty. However, EA and DICE took the complete opposite approach of their eternal rival and decided to set the next installment of the Battlefield series during WWI. Here's everything we know so far:

A Journey Around The World

Titled Battlefield 1, the game is set to be the series's most ambitious entry. Battlefield 1 takes place at the dawn of WWI and will take the player on a journey around the world, to the Western Front during the trench warfare, to the Italian Alpes and to the intoxicating warm of the Desert of Arabia.

More Hand-To-Hand Combat

Battlefield 1 is more brutal and gritty than any Battlefield made until now. The gameplay is more punitive and focused on hand-to-hand combat with plenty of melee weapons, from a shovel to a studded bat. For the purists, the usual arsenal of the series will still be present (machine gun, sniper, shotgun, etc...).

Vehicles At The Core Of Battlefield 1

Vehicles will be at the core of the game: scale planes, bomber planes, battleship and countless of other vehicles will be playable. Each vehicle possesses its own physics. That is to say, a particular tank won't played the same way as an other. In addition, battle horses will also be part of the game.

Huge Environnemental Destructions

A Battlefield without its environnemental destruction isn't a Battlefield. The developers stressed that the feature will be a huge part of the game's gameplay. The Frosbite Engine seems to have been well-upgraded these past few years. One of the developers even went to say the game went to the point where there were too much destruction and the team had to find a balance.

A Realistic Experience

Battlefield 1 is more immersive than ever before: the game removes the barrier between the game and the player. There will be a real sense of battle with some crucial choices with a variety of approaches, tactics on the field. The campaign will revolve around the concept of battlefield. Little is known yet about it, but the player will get to follow the destiny of several characters involved in different battles and will experience different perspectives of WWI.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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