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If you are a gamer and have played any one of the God of War games then you definitely know that one of the best action-adventure game is of the god-titan killing mortal Kratos. I mean who does not love a dude using his skills beating the shit out of the all powerful? The last game in the series(excluding ascension as it is a prequel) showed Kratos the miraculous mortal in the present,killing himself by piercing his chest with the Blade of Olympus and left us all in hope to see him rise again.So here are the reasons I think the god-killer is set to return.

The game is one of the best series by Santa Monica Studios (SMS)

Lets face it guys you don't just throw and end a game like that. If you got all the fans wanting a sequel... Well you damn well better give them one. The game has been one of the most successful series by Santa Monica Studios and they won't just let it off quiet and easy. Besides who doesn't want more money if they are guaranteed success?

Some concept art just surfaced showing Kratos in the Norse World

The next God of War game may leave the pantheon of Greek gods behind and invade Norse mythology.

The concept art mentions Kratos by name and indicates that he'll visit locations like Alfheim and Vanaheim, two of the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil,the tree of worlds. Aflheim is the land of the faeries in Norse mythology, and is represented in concept art as a stone city. Vanaheim appears to be a lush, colorful forest, where flora seems to be a dangerous threat.

Kratos battling the Norse gods has long been a source of speculation for future God of War games, now that the protagonist has killed most of the Greek Gods,Titans and mythological creatures. David Jaffe, former director of the God of War franchise, said the shift to Norse mythology was considered long ago.

But how can Kratos come to life again after he killed himself and there is no God to revive him?

Well look here,

If you see clearly, the place where he dies has a phoenix engraved into the ground.Which is the symbol of resurrection.

So dear ones, Kratos is all set to return and kick ass again.Fans rejoice!!

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