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From Warcraft to Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment's games have inspired wonderful works of fan art, funny memes, hilarious GIFs and awesome videos. They're the products of a tight-knit community who are truly passionate about the games that tie them together. These are just a few examples of their laudable work.


This piece by artist Indiron features a female wizard summoning a hydra to fight against the Angel of Death Malthael, the main villain of the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion. This could easily be mistaken for official Blizzard promo art.

Going back to Diablo II, the fan favorite of this trilogy, we get a fantastic piece of art depicting the Lord of Hatred: Mephisto, who was the main boss to fight in Act III. The artist UnidColor did a great job on this one. He even detailed every skeleton.

From PepperWolf comes an image that I could have sworn was another official image from Blizzard. It shows Tyrael the Archangel as he looked in Diablo II. Major props to the artist for the wings, which I imagine are extremely difficult to draw and detail.

Deckard Cain identifies items for the player in the game. And he also raps? That's right! This classic video has the scholar laying down sick rhymes. It's all kinds of funny.


For the most famous franchise under Blizzard's belt, we have this fan art of Thrall, son of Durotan. He was one of the main characters in Warcraft III. As a fan of the orcs, I give major kudos to the fan who drew my favorite character so well — great job, rzanchetin!

If you know Warcraft, then you know why I just had to showcase this art. It would have been a dark turn had Disney actually attempted to do Queen Elsa from Frozen as the Lich Queen. Warcraft III is my favorite of all Warcraft games, so I loved this.

Here's the classic footman from the human faction, as drawn by B2G. I've always loved the designs of the characters, so this fan art got me smiling.

Caroline Vos brings us this piece of art that once again could be mistaken for an official poster. Blizzard has hired artists from the community in the past, and it's clear there are still talented people out there to be snapped up!

This piece depicts Sylvanas Windrunner, the high elf turned necromancer, with her army standing to attention in the background.

Lastly, below we have the most famous Warcraft fan creation of all time — the viral video from Leeroy Jenkins.


It's the terrans versus the zerg, as drawn by 이동진 (JIN). The amount of detail put into this artwork is just astounding, especially the terran armor and the zerg Mutalisks.

The protoss are definitely my personal favorite faction from the StarCraft series — not only do they have the most original alien design in years of science fiction, but they have a story and lore that I can really get into. This art by Darksence1 is just astonishing.

As drawn by SaeedRamez, these terran marines are exquisite with detail, coloring and shading.

These have been fan art pieces that got my attention, but you could spend hours finding many more on the Web.

- Illustrations by Sarah Schnau


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