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Since its January release for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Xbox One, the paranormal activity adventure video game Oxenfree has captivated fans with its stunning visual style and elegant dialogue. Hence, it is hardly a surprise that Night School Studio is planning to release the game on PS4 on the 31st May.

Oxenfree is set on an abandoned island, which is visited by a group of teenagers who accidentally open a supernatural rift and unleash ominous creatures upon them. Nevertheless, despite its seeming survival horror elements, the game is first and foremost, a rather unusual coming of age story about how the protagonist Alex learns how to relate to others, but also how to overcome a series of different problems.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that The PS4 edition of the game will feature previously unseen dialogue, locations and alternate endings as part of its anticipated brand new Game+ mode which will serve as an extension to the original story. Here is what co-founder Sean Krankel said in a statement regarding the upcoming PS4 release and the Game+ mode:

"As fans have consistently asked for a PlayStation 4 version of Oxenfree, we set out to do something really special for the PS4 debut, unlike anything any other narrative game has tried. Fans have become so attached to Alex and her friends, so we created this New Game+ mode to let them impact and continue her story in a crazy way that both deepens the experience and makes it highly replayable.

However, if you are not a PS4 gamer, don't despair, as the additional content is also expected to be released for Steam and Xbox One also on the 31st May!

Last but not least, Night School Studio will unveil a unique PS4 dynamic theme for the game, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary on all platforms.

So, are you excited that Oxenfree is coming to PS4?! In case you haven't heard of/played the game so far, you can check out some gameplay footage below and thank you for reading:

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