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In most video games, there are always characters that are just flat out crazy and deranged. Normally, we assume these characters are the villains, however, that's not always the case. The more I thought about the damage and anarchy that our heroes cause in order to stop the villain, the more I came to the conclusion that some of them are actually pretty messed up in the head. They are of course, not in anyways, a villain or something like that, but obviously somethings is wrong up there. I won't give too much away from the games, but some of the information might contain some slight spoilers, so beware! Lets get on with it!

1. Nathan Drake- Uncharted Series

No doubt about it, the Uncharted Trilogy on the PS3 was all around amazing. Nathan Drake is a video game character that has now become iconic in the likes of Lara Croft. Nathan Drake is the main protagonist and one of the best developed characters in history as well. If there is a character ever more deserving of this list, it has to be Uncharted's her who is, just plain and simply, insane. I know what you're thinking and that's "how is he insane if he's just trying to find treasures?" The truth, if you think about it, is this guy will do anything for treasures, even killing and causing so much destruction to achieve his goal.Think about it, Nathan breaks into places and if anyone is in his way, well, he has to take them out. On top of all that, if places have to get destroyed in an effort to evade capture or move on to the next treasure, then so be it. Drake DGAF. The man has no remorse for the chaos he causes or for those that love him and just want him to be safe. It's just Nathan's selfish quest for fame and treasure that makes him insane.

2. Mario - Mario Series

There is seriously no Mario game that doesn't live up to the quality expected of everyone's favorite plumber. I didn't want to think about this one, because I know this guy has a lot of heart to do what he does. I mean, after all, he just wants to save the princess, right? Mario is always getting into all sorts of trouble in an effort to save her Bowser. But think about, he steps on turtles, squishes goombas, blows up bob-omb people, abuses Yoshi, and let's not even talk about what he did to that baby penguin!

We're all monsters...
We're all monsters...

It's okay for Mario to want to save the Peach, but the bigger problem is he sometimes also gets his brother Luigi into trouble for it too. It's quite disturbing when you think of how many years the Mario Brothers have been at this and it doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon. Oh, and did I even mention he eats mushrooms? More like he eats beheaded Toads! Yeah this guy is that serious about find the princess, he will do anything.


3. Cortana - Halo Series

Okay, so maybe including an A.I to this list might be kinda weird, but if you've played Halo then you know why. We all know that A.I's can become rampant after seven years, and the longer they are kept, the more delusional they become. This is the case as we saw with Cortana over the years.

All of it came to a definite conclusion that indeed something was wrong with Cortana as we saw in the ending to Halo 5. We started getting subtle hints after the third Halo that something was up with Cortana. It was her irritability that would shine as she became somewhat more aware and probably felt underwhelmed with her power. These signs, of course, were nothing compared to what we saw when you beat Halo 5 in Legendary mode. In the ending when the player beats the game in legendary, we see:

A Halo ring being powered on as Cortana hums away. As you remember, a Halo ring is a weapon of mass destruction in the series. Cortana, of course, now being well beyond her seven years obviously can't be up to no good.

If you have never played Halo, then I highly recommend you dive into this fantastic series!

4. Kratos - God of War Series

We all know the tragic story of Kratos and how he was tricked into murdering his own family. It is one of the more heartbreaking stories in video game history in my opinion, but I'm here to talk about Kratos after those events. In the first God of War, we already have a man that has killed many, including his family, so of course he won't be right in the head. We see this unravel as Kratos literally takes on the God of War Ares in the first installment, and in future titles, takes on all the other God's in Greek mythology. Seriously, he rips of Helios's head and turns it into an item, kills any and every god that gets in his way, and would burn the whole world if it meant getting his vengeance. If that wasn't enough, Kratos has also battled it out with Titans - which are pretty much giants. It takes a lot of courage to do all this and still stand up to take more or he could just be crazy you know.

5. Joel - The Last of Us

In The Last of Us, we have a world that has been infected by an outbreak and shows us how humans have adapted to their environment. The characters felt very much human, and with that, had many flaws to them. Of course, the most flawed of them all has to be Joel, who at the point in which we meet him has lost it all. It's pretty easy to see why he makes some of the choices he does make on his difficult journey with Ellie. The purpose, of course, is to find a cure with Ellie, but we all know how that turns out. This leads to another huge point towards Joel being crazy and that's the ultimate sacrifice he made for Ellie.

As we all know:

The only way to try and find a cure was to use Ellie's brain, ultimately killing her, because she is immune to the outbreak. This didn't settle well with Joel who proceeds to kill them all and leave with Ellie.

All of these actions make you question who is he thinking about exactly. Is Joel selfish enough to let the world burn in order to save Ellie or to ease his conscious? It's a tough question. The guy clearly has issues from his own daughter being killed and thrown into the harsh new world.

As I mentioned earlier, all of these characters seem to be focused on themselves or don't seem to take others into account. If they do, however, it always redirects itself back to their own self gratitude. Of course I'm not saying take all of these characters and just lock them up for good. They are all, in some way or another, made this way. But does that make their actions any more right? That's for us to interpret however we like, and that's what makes them memorable.


Do you think any of these characters are actually crazY?


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