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Skyrim has been dazzling the gaming world for almost five years now. The game is consistently one of the most played on Steam, and that's due in no small part to the exceptional modding community that has blossomed around Bethesda's 2011 masterpiece. But now their new baby is out walking in the world, and it has a lot of growing to do.

Fallout 4 is a remarkable RPG, one that has also seen countless modders manipulate its base content. This content is also set to arrive on consoles in the near future but there are a few unique to Skyrim that we'd love to see replicated for Bethesda's latest creation.

With that in mind, here are 10 Skyrim mods we want in Fallout 4!

Do I look badass enough yet?
Do I look badass enough yet?

Amazing Followers

Followers in Skyrim and Fallout 4 can be a consistent source of frustration. How many times have they walked into a door frame and gotten stuck? How many times have you lost sight of them and been unable to locate them? How many times have they pulled this sort of shit?!

Well, Amazing Followers sought to improve your companions in numerous ways. You can recruit multiple followers, micromanage them, pick their outfits, tell them which spells to use, how to fight, where to live, and how to level up. It can even make them smart enough to avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, and ride horses. Ehh, yes please!

Windcallers Pass & More

The likes of Windcallers Pass, Ogmund's Tomb, and Engelmann's Rest have introduced entirely new dungeons into Skyrim's overworld. They've brought with them new enemies, loot, challenges, and Windcallers Pass even allowed you to pass under High Hrothgar — a notoriously frustrating mountain to go around. We'd love to see more underground locations in Fallout 4 and even secret passageways that could connect distant areas to one another.


Skyrim has a lot of mods that improve your companions, but there are also mods like Hoth here. Hoth introduces a whole new character into the game, one that you can recruit as an NPC follower. What makes him stand out in particular is that he's voiced, has his own unique character traits and animations, and even an awesome backstory:

"Hoth is an old bounty hunting adventurer, and a brutal companion to travel with. You see... Hoth has a unique hobby - he wears his most prized kills. He has collected on some of the highest bounties for monsters and men alike in his days wandering the frigid northlands of Skyrim - and he means to show off his work."

Fallout 4 needs new companions like Hoth.

Sup, dude?
Sup, dude?

Realistic needs and diseases

It may sounds strange that we want to be able to get sick and die of various diseases in Fallout 4, but there is a sense of realism and challenge that this particular mod adds to Skyrim that is unparalleled. After all, the Commonwealth is a hostile and dangerous place fraught with illness, radiation and death. Why not add a bit more into the mix and have your character require clean drinking water, healthy food, and protection from bacteria? This is a true RPG experience.


Basically a pack of DLC content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Falskaar was a mod that introduced a whole lot more than anyone had anticipated. It was created as an audition piece for Bethesda (the modder actually ended up landing a job at Bungie) and features an impressive island comparable in size and scope to Dragonborn's Solstheim. We'd love to see someone take to task a similarly sized expansion for Fallout 4 — after all, the more time we spend in this post apocalyptic wasteland the better.

Nic view, huh, horsey?
Nic view, huh, horsey?

Apocalypse—Magic of Skyrim

Did you dream of having more spells in Skyrim? Well Apocalypse—Magic of Skyrim introduced over 140 new ones for you to play around with. While it may not exactly be totally lore-friendly to add spells into the world of Fallout 4, this mod brought in tons of spray lightning/fire/cold abilities as well as a whole variety of cool summons, disabling effects, and unusual attacks. That's something I want in every game.


Why stop with magic?! We all know that Skyrim's dragon shouts are awesome, but Thunderchild added a whole new dimension to that awesomeness. This mod expands the Dovakhin's magic vocals with a bunch of cool new shouts. Yet again, not very appropriate to have a person from the 50s emerge from a vault and start magically shouting at people, but you can yell until you teleport, shout ghosts into existence, holler until the earth quakes, or just scream so hard you open up a black hole. WE NEED THIS, PEOPLE!

High King of 'Skyrim'

As Mel Brooks put it, "It's good to be the King." This mod allowed you to become the overlord of all of Skyrim. All of your hard work paid off once you sat down on your very own throne within your epic enormous castle. You could command an army which followed you everywhere, throw citizens in prison, and even have those citizens beheaded. Imagine being able to convince the good people of Boston to welcome you as their High King. Now we're playing Fallout 4.

Visual overhauls

Bethesda's engine doesn't realize that it's 2015 yet. It needs a lot of help. Skyrim has countless mods that visually improve the game, whether it be making its water more shiny or ensuring that foliage doesn't impact on your frame rate. Fallout 4 already has a few mods that help improve its visuals, but we need more, god damn it!

Immersive weapons

Fallout 4 is all about those guns. But this particular mod introduced a hefty selection of new weapons that fit in nicely with the existing look and feel of Skyrim. You'll find axes, daggers, maces, and any number of new swords, all beautifully designed and textured and suitable for veteran characters and those just starting out. We'd love to see the same happen for Fallout 4, with some beautifully crafted new guns and melee weapons and tons more upgrades to mess around with!

What do you want to see in 'Fallout 4'?


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