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From the moment I discovered FromSoftware was creating Bloodborne, I got so excited! I loved the artistic direction that they took - stepping away from the medieval themes we've seen with the Souls games. At the time of its release, it was undoubtedly the prettiest game we've seen from them yet - and heck, I'd even argue that it beats the recent Dark Souls III.


Crazier yet, despite Bloodborne only being a year old, a small portion of the game has already been remade by a fan, and it looks even more stunning than the original! Simon Barle, a environmental artist for EA DICE (Battlefield 4), has remade the Hunter's Dream in the Unreal Engine. Check it out below:

The remake is so unbelievably smooth! I can't help but wonder what the other locations would look if they were redone. The Cathedral Ward features so many intricate details - it would look absolutely stunning!


What area from Bloodborne would you love to see remade?

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Source: Kotaku


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