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Senior Editor of Now Loading. I like good games, good beer, and long walks up treacherous mountains shrouded in sinister, whispering fog.
Jay Ricciardi

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Find something everyone missed? Share it!
Find something everyone missed? Share it!

What Content Do We Look For?

On Now Loading, we want to highlight the biggest games and the best that gaming communities have to offer. The best there ever was. We’re just like everyone else: We love reading articles about your killer Minecraft super builds, your mind-blowing Five Nights at Freddy’s fan theories, your crazy Pokémon trivia, the hidden secrets you found in Majora’s Mask, the Easter Eggs you spotted in the latest World of Warcraft trailer, and your best pro tips for that one game you know everything about.

We love checking out insanely detailed cosplay, gorgeous fan art submissions, relatable GIFs, hilarious glitches and awe-inspiring in-game creations. There’s a whole heck of a lot of cool stuff happening in gaming! That’s why we want you, passionate purveyors of fine gaming content, to lead us through the vast and ever-expanding gaming universe.

We’re a community that nerds out about the games we adore and, with the help of Creators like you, we’re going to show everyone why gaming has so very much to offer.

You know exactly what you're excited about.
You know exactly what you're excited about.

Your Content, Our Audience

The best reason to post on Now Loading is our audience. Not only will you find a passionate group of Creators to bounce ideas off and contribute to the conversation, but you'll also have the chance to have your work featured on the Now Loading homepage and our ever-growing Facebook page. The very best voices deserve the biggest audiences they can get!

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