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As a kid, point-and-click adventure games were my jam. I loved them. So much. I played every one I could get my hands on. While Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge will forever be my favourite, I also enjoyed the likes of; Flight of the Amazon Queen, Kings Quest VII: The Princess Bride and Sanatarium to name a few.

Recently, I have had the desire to play these sorts of games again, and so I went crazy. I bought every one I could find. As it stands, I have played every single point-and-click game (or those with very similar gameplay styles) available on PS4. Here are my top picks.

9. Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

If you get the chance to pick this up cheap, Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders is a fun game to spend a few hours on. Control Hercule Poirot as he tries to uncover the mystery of who is committing a series of "ABC" themed murders. The mechanics are simple. You can talk to, or observe people, gather clues and then use the evidence collected to complete "deductions" on who did what, and why. Although you can not come to the wrong conclusion while deducing answers.

The game isn't very long, but I really did enjoy the storyline. However,I figured out what was happening and how everyone was connected very early on, and I would have liked a bit more of a mental challenge. The puzzles are interesting enough, but again not as hard as in other titles.

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

8. Broken Age

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure, which began it's life as Double Fine Adventure. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game follows two protagonists, each located in separate worlds. As you play through the story you can switch between characters whenever you want.

The story is intriguing, and as you progress through the answers to your questions are definitely not what you would expect. It's quirky and a bit silly, but I liked it. The puzzles are the most frustrating part though, as often they are extremely difficult. A few even need pen and paper to solve (or a smartphone with a camera) and others make so little sense you end up walking away to calm down. While I enjoyed my first playthrough a lot, I have been putting off the speed run for the trophy, it's just not as appealing to play through again as others.

Available on: PS4, Android, iOS, PlayStation Vita, PC

7. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

The sequel to The Book of Unwritten Tales, this is very much a point-and-click adventure. The story follows four characters who you switch between throughout the game. Inevitably their stories all intertwine as you try to work together to reach the same outcome. This game recaptures what the traditional point-and-click adventure was all about. The puzzles sometimes make no sense at all, as you randomly combine things in your inventory with the landscape in hopes of being able to progress. On occasion, I was reminded why as a kid we would ended up printing out pages of walkthroughs in order to finish games.

"The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a reminder that while Telltale may have usurped the adventure genre, great traditional point-and-clicks can still be made."

The odd annoying puzzle aside, the game is a lot of fun. Some characters are much more enjoyable to play than others, to the point where they could have left Nate out all together and I wouldn't have noticed a large impact of the story. However, it's a fully satisfying game, with a mildly interesting story and many likeable characters.

Available on: PC, PS3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U

6. Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishments

While not a full point-and-click adventure, the gameplay style is reminiscent of one. Playing as Sherlock Holmes, you uncover clues and solve 6 cases. The best thing about detective games is they lend themselves perfectly to common point-and-click game mechanics; the gathering of evidence, and solving of puzzles. The puzzles felt important, and realistic, rather than a puzzle for puzzles sake!

The best part of this game for me is the deduction board. You get to feel like a proper detective. Only the clues you have found appear, and you have to put them together in a way that makes sense to you in order to finger a culprit. The best part, you can 100% get it wrong! The game lets you fail, miserably. This really puts the pressure on as you evaluate each clue to ensure you aren't putting an innocent person in jail.

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC

5. Grim Fandango

Recently remastered, this is old classic has aged fantastically. I can't even blame nostalgia for the love I have for this game as I never played it as a child. Originally released in 1998, the story follows Manny a "travel agent" in the land of the dead. His job is to help people's souls get to the Underworld. While working with a client he uncovers a scam his boss and co-worker are in cahoots about, and sets to right this wrong over a series of four acts.

You must talk to people, collect items and solve puzzles in order to progress through the game. A few of the puzzles are quite hard and I ended up having to Google one in rage. However, they are fun puzzles and the amazing humour makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

Available on: PC, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Android,iOS

4. Murdered: Soul Suspect

The game begins with the main character's death. Ronan is a cop who is killed by the serial killer he is trying to capture. After he is killed he re-emerges as a ghost, and cannot move on to the afterworld until he solves the crime. Using the abilities gained as a ghost, the ways in which you find clues and interview people are very unique. I really enjoyed this new take on a crime-solving adventure game with some interesting and fresh new ideas.

As you progress through the story you meet many others who are also trapped in purgatory and their stories are all equally interesting and heartbreaking. You can help some, by collecting clues to discover what happened to them.

The only thing I didn't like about this game was the combat. I play these games for relaxation and to make me think. I want to wander around and look at everything. I want to solve puzzles. However, this was often interrupted by demon fight scenes which were super intense and scary (although quick and often easy).

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC

3. Machinarium

Back to the traditional point-and-click style, Machinarium is an addictive little game. You play as a small robot, who is trying to stop terrorists from blowing up the town's tower. The game has a fantastic flow, and your actions make sense. The puzzles are well thought out and you are never left wandering "who on earth would thing to do that?!?".

Uniquely, the game has no dialogue. Instead you must rely on thought bubble clues to aid you on your journey. This sometimes makes it hard to understand who to help and why. The game looks great, I love the art style so much and the story is fun to play along with. The only real disappointment is the length. I was left wishing there was more to play, and I would happily purchase a sequel should one ever get made.

Available on: Android, PC, PS3, PlayStation Vita

2. Whispering Willows

I picked up this game for cheap on Vita, and I couldn't put it down until I was done. It sucked me in from the very beginning, The game follows Elena, as she tries to rescue her father. She has the help of a magical pendant which you can use to split her spirit from her body. This allows you to access areas that her physical form cannot reach, or fit into.

The premise is simple. Find the right items, use them in the necessary weird and wonderful ways, and progress. A lot of items and puzzle rely on using a combination of physical Elena and spirit elena. Working these puzzles out is very fun. The highlight of this game lies in the story telling. Be sure to read every letter you pick up and talk to every ghost you see.

Available on: PS4, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, iOS

1. King's Quest

The latest instalment of King's Quest is an episodic adventure. The ninth game in the series, the first episode was released 32 years after King's Quest 1. While it is not a sequel or a remake, it is instead pitched as a "re-imagining" of the games. With 6 episodes planned, only 3 have been released and they are amazing! They are addictive, hilarious and just a lot of fun to play.

The game revolves around Graham, and stories from his past. The first tells about his adventures as a young knight, and is set before the first King's Quest Game. The second, focusses on Graham's first adventure as King, and the third is the tale of how Graham met his future wife in an oddly hilarious love story.

The game can also be shaped by your actions- which is super cool. Do you kill the dragon, or set him free? Feed the baker or the blacksmith? Woo the smart girl or the quirky girl? Your choices do matter, and affect the storyline you will follow.

I adore this game so much, that I am planning of getting a hold of all the old King's Quest Games and playing them through once I am done!

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Did you enjoy these games? Did I miss your favourite off the list? Let me know.


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