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Uncharted 4 spoilers ahead!

If you have any intention of playing Uncharted 4, I urge you to turn back now. The screenshots below are taken from the very end of the game and while they don't explicitly give away any plot details they may just give you a hint about where the story goes. A Thief's End offers a stunning conclusion to the Uncharted series and it's really something you should see for yourself.

With that out of the way, let's get to what Uncharted 4 may have told us about The Last of Us 2...

On many of their projects, Naughty Dog love to include sneaky references to some of their other games. Sticking to that tradition, the very end of Uncharted 4 features a rather familiar looking poster.

Savage Starlight Returns

Fans will remember that this is the comic book series Ellie collected, which she avidly read throughout The Last of Us.

'Savage Starlight 2' seems like a not so subtle confirmation that TLOU2 will be Naughty Dog's next project, and they've said as much already.

But, more interestingly, a second poster shows a young girl with a striking resemblance to Ellie, next to an obscured block of text that appears to read 'The Last of Us: American Daughters.' But take a look at the girl's that?

Ellie pregnant in The Last of Us 2?!

Okay Naughty Dog, now you're playing with us. There's no denying that her stomach looks far too big for the food-scarce post-apocalypse. But who could have impregnated Ellie? Don't say Joel.

This could easily be an attempt to throw us off the scent, but introducing a baby in the harsh, infected world would be an incredibly bold move. How would Ellie take care of it?

As nuts as this set up would be, I'd actually prefer it if The Last of Us 2 didn't return to the same set of characters. Their story was very satisfyingly tied up by the end of the first game, and I'd rather see a group of fresh faces try and deal with the infected.

For now, we'll just have to wait. Naughty Dog should, deservedly, be busy celebrating the phenomenal success of Uncharted 4. But once Drake has drifted far off into the horizon, you can bet the team will be returning to the dark, grim world of The Last of Us. With this easter egg brought to light, you just have to wonder what changes are in store for their characters once they do.


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