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Welcome to the edge of hell. For those of you who played 2010's indie masterpiece Limbo, this particular mod for Dark Souls 3 is sure to remind you of Playdead's melancholic and atmospheric wonder. Limbo has one of the most recognizable art styles in the art form's history and it turns out that it works beautifully with FromSoftware's Dark Souls series.

Dark Souls 3 Becomes Limbo In This Beautifully Melancholic Mod

So damn creepy...
So damn creepy...

A modder by the name of googl4 has created a mod that gifts Dark Souls 3 a completely colorless palette. The game looks truly spectacular with it in effect, but you may want to be cautious while using it. FromSoftware have had a strange history of banning people who use mods while online, so googl4 recommended on Reddit that players only use this mod offline, lest they risk getting banned.

Note that this mod also makes the game inadvertently harder. See it actually removes the HUD from the game. You don't know how much health you have, nor stamina and it can also be pretty damn hard to see your enemies. However, the effect isn't enabled by default, you can press F8 to turn it on and off.

You may recall that the original Dark Souls had a similar mod and it works almost the same way. You can check out a let's play of it below.

What's Next For Playdead?

After being reminded of Limbo's beauty, you may be asking yourself "What is that development studio working on now?"

Playdead are currently developing a game entitled INSIDE, which they started work on once Limbo was finished. It was initially set to release in the first half of 2015, but is now scheduled to release for the XBOX One later this year, with talk of more console release dates in the future. Want to take a look? Be warned; it's extremely disturbing.

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