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Why does this look so easy? Because it isn't!

While some may argue that Dark Souls 3 is the most accessible game in FromSoftware's franchise, it is by no means a walk in the park. I've been playing these titles for a while now and I was still tested by multiple bosses and some horrid minions.

But along comes TolomeoR on Twitch and YouTube and he makes Dark Souls 3 Dark Souls 3 look like something you'd casually play as a child on a Sunday afternoon. Let's take note of what he's doing here as he goes up against the final boss, The Lord of Cinder.

  • He's still Level 1. He's never used any of the game's Souls to level up his character.
  • He's not wearing any armor. He's showing off those wonderfully fashionable undergarments.
  • He does not roll. Ever.
  • He does not dodge any of the Lord's attacks.
  • There is no blocking here.
  • He wins.

How To Beat Dark Souls 3's Final Boss In White Undergarments

Not impressive enough for you? Then fear not, because TolomeoR isn't stopping there.

The streamer is currently making his way through another playthrough of the game with the same character in New Game + mode. But it gets better: It's actually NG+7! This means that the enemies, their health and their damage have been buffed 7 times above their normal state in Dark Souls 3. I guess some games just aren't hard enough!

Which reminds me of Devil Daggers and how one player managed to achieve the impossible with this ridiculously difficult indie strafe-em-up! Seriously, feats like this are just so impressive to watch.

Have any gaming feats you'd like to brag about?


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