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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Not only are our favorite pocket monsters the stars of some of the best games and one of the best TV series ever, the super badass beasts are, as we've all learned by now, infinitely gifable. Such is the power of their cuteness.

But would it be possible to use a Pokégif to surmise your emotions amidst an awkward situation or whatnot? I had a go, come see if I succeeded or not...

1. When you're turnt in the club and not ready to leave

2. When the D is fire

3. When your squad's uniformed look is on point

4. When you're enjoying a beach holiday and your bud reminds you of the rising of the planet's tides

5. When you're drunk on Sunday evening and remember what's just around the corner

6. When you see the pictures from last night

7. When you're trying to remember where you left your everything

8. When your bedsheets are too damn fresh

9. When hayfever season comes calling

10. When the water is fine but something grazes your leg

11. When you miss the last bus home

12. When your crush comes in for a hug and you get confused

13. When this Pokemon x Breaking Bad is too good to not use


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