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Yesterday we snuck our first peek at the three adorable Sun and Moon starter Pokémon along with getting our first look at two of the majestic legendary Pokémon on the game's cover art, but fans have already discovered an Easter Egg that could point to the third.

Me when I hear there's new Pokémon
Me when I hear there's new Pokémon

Intrepid Pokémasters have noticed a teeny tiny Easter Egg in Pokemon X and Y that might be a clue about the identity third legendary Pokémon in Sun and Moon, and when you think about the new Hawaiian location, it really makes sense.

Legendary Pokémon generally come in trios, with each of them representing an aspect of nature — for example, the Hoenn region legendary Pokémon Kygore, Groudon and Rayquaza represent the ocean, earth and skies — and so far we have only seen two.

It's pretty obvious that the white Lion-type Pokémon represents the sun and the deep blue bat-type Pokémon is repping the moon, but there are plenty of other celestial objects that could also easily get a look in.

Some of the answers we are groping for in the dark right now could have been unveiled in Pokémon X/Y when the new Kalos region was teased in the form of a backpacker who, when given enough attention and conversation, could be prompted to give you a "Strange Souvenir."

This small tiki statue might not look like much, but the backpacker dutifully educates you about their culture and reveals that it depicts a Pokémon that is "venerated as a protector." Sounds kind of legendary, right?

The "Strange Souvenir"
The "Strange Souvenir"

So far, nobody has managed to figure out any sort of purpose behind the object (apart from it being a Kalos tease, of course) and some fans are speculating that it could be a hint at an island guardian legendary Pokémon to join it's allies in the sky.

After all, why would you bother moving the game to a pseudo-Hawaii if you didn't want to incorporate some of the culture into the game, and it totally makes sense to have a land-based legendary to support it's celestial sisters (or brothers, who knows) in the sky?

All of the Legendary Pokémon so far
All of the Legendary Pokémon so far

One thing's for sure, I am writing with excitement about the November 2016 release and I've already recruited two friends to trade with. When it comes to Pokémon, it's prudent to plan ahead for battle.

If you haven't revelled in the excitement yet, check out the trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon below:

Do you think the strange souvenir could hint at a third legendary Pokémon?



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