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When reviewing games, playability is the most important thing for me. It doesn't matter much if you have an unforgettable story, iTunes worthy soundtrack, and/or innovative ideas - if the game is broken and unplayable, it makes it harder to appreciate the things that were done well. The exception to this is when the game's broken nature is intentional. Such is the case with DEIDIA.


Created by Barch, DEIDIA is a sequel to DEIOS - another degraded, "glitchventure" game released back in 2014. Perhaps most comparable to Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, for the simple fact that it was presented as "video artwork" while combining music to your play.


This takes me back to the days when my PC's video card malfunctioned and began showing artifacts all over my screen when playing games of any kind. While that experience was frustrating and gives me anxiety every time I think about it, Deidia somehow seems calming. Check out the trailer below:

Despite its broken appearance, DEIDIA still remains visually appealing. Although we often only hear some form of white noise or subtle ambient music, it's just enough. And while it hardly shows any gameplay, it does look like there's potential for some mild puzzle solving and exploration.


Although DEIDIA won't be for everyone, I can see myself picking up this game when I just need something explorative and relaxing. If you're interested, hop on over to the Steam Greenlight page and give it a vote. You may also find its description worth a read. While you may not get any additional information, you have to give Barch credit for staying in character to the game the entire time. Here's just a small example:

--==//|| OLD SPECIFACATIONS = not for this build.

Original specs before the porting by the fans and communities that believe that software should not be forgotten.

OS : deityOS™ / VoDoNo_OS_1.3™ / WaterMillennium EntertainmentEdition!™ / myfirst_EnterCableV3™
RAM : 8 MBS generic
HRD : AndrianioCassete_AtlasEdition™
VGA : Medusa_Vine™ / Banshee_Unlimited™ (*The banshee_ULTRAFOREVER has been known to cause fires do not use)
Snd : Andrianio! ♪LIvE Cassete™ / newAmerica_Techno™

See what I mean?


Will you play DEIDIA?

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Source: Kill Screen


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