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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Whether you love to be ahead of the curve with gaming releases or believe them to be a cancer eating away at the very soul of the industry, pre-orders and pre-order perks are a genius way of getting consumers to generate hype around a product.

But as of late, pre-orders have done away with the innocent pop some money down and we'll reserve a game for you, to more batshit crazy incentives like the one that offered glow-in-the-dark condoms to you for pre-purchasing a copy of InFamous: Second Son.

Seriously though, some pre-orders get even more insane than that. Too insane to be true at times. So that's why I've thrown this little quiz together. Can you guess which crazy pre-order is true when mixed with a few far fetched, fabricated ones?



'Resident Evil 5' - A snow globe with main protagonists Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar stood about doing nothing in...

Answer: Utterly true. The thing was in fact filled with sand, 'cause you know... there isn't any snow in the desert.



'Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag' - Pirate's Booty (a bust of a pirate on the ground displaying his backside)...

Answer: Definitely not true!



'Super Street Fighter IV' - Thumb Fighters (stickers based on 'SF' characters that you stick to your thumbs and do battle with)...

Answer: I don't know how, but this is true.



'Manhunt 2' - Gift Bag (a plastic bag with fake brains and viscera stuck to the inside)...

Answer: Unfortunately this is false. Imagine the parental rage if it was true though!



Xbox One - Day One Achievement (Once you boot the console you receive an achievement)...

Answer: Yeah so this did actually happen.



'Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots' - A signed and framed image of Hideo Kojima kissing his own portrait...

Answer: Sadly this is false, but I'm still laughing at the thought of it.



'Sonic: Lost World' - 25 extra lives in-game...

Answer: From bad to worse for the Blue Streak. This is true. So very true.



'Uncharted 2' - a piece of gold in every 10,000th physical copy...

Answer: No, Naughty Dog doesn't love us that much. So false. Next!



'Assassin's Creed: Unity' - Pants that make you run faster...

Answer: This gem is unequivocally true.

So go on, tell me! How did you do?

What's the weirdest pre-order you've purchased?


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