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I can't tell you how often I wished my consoles were more portable - that I could take them anywhere and be all set up and ready to go within minutes. Well, thanks to engineer, Edward Zarick, we can now play our favorite games with our favorite droids: R2-D2 and BB-8!

PlayBook 4: R2-D2 Edition

Back in July of 2015, Zarick created a custom-built PlayStation 4 laptop, which paid homage to the R2-D2 Xbox 360. Zarick's PlayBook 4 featured 3D printed parts, a red/blue light that changed randomly while the system is turned on, and sound effects to make R2 "talk" to the player!

Xbook One: BB-8 Edition

Now Zarick has done it again, showing us a Xbox One laptop that features the look and sounds of The Force Awakens' droid, BB-8! Just like the previous console, this Xbook One also features built-in audio using a BB-8 soundboard. Also included in the video is a custom controller that features BB-8's white and orange-striped paint job. Starring in this video? BB-8 himself, which Zarick also created!

I want one! How do I buy it?!

Both the Xbook and the PlayBook use 22" Vizio 1080p LED LCD screens. If you supply the main console, having Zarick build you a custom one will cost $1,195 USD, not including shipping or the additional fee if you desire a custom theme (like R2-D2 and BB-8). HDMI-out ports are not included, but can be done for an additional $50. For full details and how to get one, check out his pages: Xbook One & PlayBook 4


Which custom theme was your favorite?

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