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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?

To be perfectly honest, Pokémon Sun & Moon's new starter 'mons didn't really grab me at first. We've got what... an owl with a bow-tie (Rowlet), a firey cat (Litten) and a bubble sprouting seal/dog/thing (Popplio)? Okay, interesting choices The Pokémon Company, but I trust your judgement, because you're the damn Pokémon Company.

But even with all that said, eventually when I'll be giddily queuing for my copy of Moon, I most definitely will be starting with Litten, because that little guy is actually pretty dope. That kit is truly lit! Never grow old, joke.

It's Lit-ten
It's Lit-ten

But whilst the internet has been losing its collective poop over Rowlet and Litten's outrageous levels of cute, boy has Popplio seen its fair share of shade. Like, I'm talking permanent solar eclipse levels of shade.

Leave Homie Alone

Whilst the vast majority of the hate has been utterly hilarious, there were a few gems that raised the bar and actually made me feel a smidgen of empathy for our new little blue homie.

But not everyone was so willing to give the little guy the rough end of the stick. There are some people out there who consider themselves fans:

Right now it's all a bit of a laugh, all of the new starters are super cute and equally viable for shade. But remember that water Pokémon usually have the most awesome final evolutions. So we'll see who'll be laughing after their 'mons are torn limb from limb by a 20m long, ultra sea dog beast dude that learned Thunder Shock.

You'll show them, Popplio. You'll show them all!

What do you think?

Popplio: pretty cool or should've stuck to sleeping with the fishes?


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