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Minecraft's default characters, Steve and Alex, may be iconic figures in the world of video games but their designs are, let's be honest, a little vanilla. Luckily, the endlessly productive Minecraft community continue to pump out thousands of custom skins free to download and use in game.

With so many on offer which one do you choose? Well, Pokemon fans: look no further than here. These are the very best (like no one ever was) Minecraft skins every trainer needs. Did we miss out your favorite skin? Drop it in the comments below!

1. Charmander by brexxtreme

2. Squirtle by Weird2

3. Pikachu by Telmarin

4. Eevee by DarkPowers203

5. Jolteon by xSunnyxRoseX

6. Mewtwo by JovaneGonzxD

7. Mew by lucario6

8. Mega Charizard X by geronimo1784

9. Gyarados by CreApA101

10. Umbreon by xSunnyxRoseX

11. Groudon by Higoby

12. Totodile by cookiepuppy

13. Arcanine by FirePheonix05

14. Original Ash by PenguinGamer3

15. Ash (Red & Blue) by Daarrk

16. Ash (Diamond & Pearl) by animebeast

17. Misty by tht1

18. Brock by suparandom

19. Professor Oak by PROBadAss

20. Nurse Joy by ashley0425

21. Pikachu suit by dasFretz


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