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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.

Anyone else suffering serious withdrawal symptoms following the closure of Blizzard's Overwatch open beta? I sure as hell am (and so is this girl on reddit). But if you are then these easter eggs may help you along! Actually, who am I kidding? This is only going to exacerbate the worsening situation. But I guess I need to talk about Overwatch, and these easter eggs are actually pretty awesome.

10 'Overwatch' Easter Eggs For Every Blizzard Fan

I miss you all.
I miss you all.

1. Horde Hieroglyphics

The Horde have no respect for ancient Egyptian tombs and pyramids it seems. In the Temple of Anubis map, you'll find the symbol of the Horde chiseled into almost every block of its pyramid structures. World of Warcraft fans know that The Horde are the game's collection of orcs, trolls, dead people, and other such types of beings. Disrespectful lot.

2. Diablo Piñata

In the marketplace of Dorado, you'll find many treasures and colorful delights. But the cream of the crop has to be this adorable Diablo-themed piñata, which depicts the hellbeast himself. Look at the cheeky grin on him! Not to fear, though. One blast of your weapon will burst this piñata and send sweets flying in all direction. Confirmed: Mei loves them.

3. Hearthstone Playing Cards

On Route 66 you’ll come across this abandoned card game. The fronts appear to be the traditional, boring playing cards, but the backs feature the classic design of Hearthstone's damn addictive cards. Excuse me while I go get my phone...

4. Blizzard Likes Hearthstone

You can see games of Hearthstone being played all of the place in Overwatch's maps, but this particular one can be found in the security office on the Hollywood lot. It's quite reminiscent of the game's launch trailer actually.

5. Hydralisk Skull

This Hydralisk has been mounted on the wall like one of Gaston's trophies (see clip below). Clearly someone on the Temple of Anubis map got into a bit of a scrap with a StarCraft Hydralisk and decided to let everyone know who won. Show off.

6. Arcade Machines We All Want

Head inside the Hanamura arcade and you'll be greeted with some familiar sounding arcade games. What looks like a classic Street Fighter is actually a reference to Blizzard's successful Heroes of the Storm MOBA. But that seems pretty obvious. You can see two Starcraft characters on the screen above!

7. You Like Ramen?

I adore ramen, and so do the good people, robots, animals and...other things of Overwatch. Head to Hanamura and you'll see a friendly little fella that's taken from World of Warcraft and used as the mascot for this ramen noodle joint: The beloved murloc. For any of you who aren't acquainted with them through WoW, they're the fellas that go, "Mrglrglrlgl" in Hearthstone.

8. Murloc's Be Truckin'

MOAR MURLOCS. On the side of this giant transporter truck on Temple of Anubis, you'll be greeted with some graffiti that we can only imagine was created by the creature its depicting. Murlocs are so damn vain.

9. Craft From the Stars

Featuring Kerrigan and Raynor on the cover, this little comic book can be found on the bar at Route 66 and is called 'Craft from the Stars'. It's only 15 Overwatch cents and I want it.

10. Deckard Cain Pays With Cheque

One of Diablo 3's great characters gets a reference in Overwatch with a cheque signed with his name pinned to the wall of Route 66’s bar. Apparently they're willing to accept cheques for $5 in here. I wouldn't count on getting that money guys, especially with Cain's track record.

Did you notice any other Overwatch easter eggs?


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