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Bill Shakespeare once wrote that we can only reach true happiness through the guidance of Sonic the Hedgehog and that robot from Halo.

The Call of Duty franchise is usually famous for its impressive numbers, but I don’t think the guys over at Infinity Ward and Activision will be very proud of their latest accolade.

Since the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer dropped on Monday of last week, it’s accumulated an impressive 18 million views on the official YouTube video, but it’s also earned an equally impressive (and just a tad past embarrassing) 1.8 million dislikes. For every person that gave the video a thumbs up, there were five more people to show their disdain with the closest thing to an internet middle finger that they could muster.

This video is so hated that it’s only rivalled in dislikes by Justin Bieber’s song “Baby,” the so bad it’s good “Friday” by Rebecca Black, and some Portuguese video called “CORTANDO O BOTÃO DO YOUTUBE.”

Games in the Call of Duty series have been subject to their fare share of hate in the past, but nothing quite on this scale before. For context, last year’s Black Ops III trailer is sitting at almost 23 million views with 81 thousand dislikes (with a 5-1 like to dislike ratio) and Advanced Warfare’s reveal trailer currently has almost 31 million views and 52 thousand dislikes (with a 4-1 like to dislike ratio).

The game’s futuristic sci-fi setting (the fourth Call of Duty of it’s ilk in the last four years) and limited availability of the remastered version Call of Duty 4 seem to be the culprits behind the hate against the video.

Check out the trailer below and see if you find the video as repulsive as 1.8 million other Call of Duty players.


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