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The world of Minecraft is known for the custom skins created by its fan base. And superhero skins are no exception. Minecraft skin sites are filled with superbly crafted variations of Avengers, X-Men, and Justice League skins for you to import into your seed worlds. But we've done some digging to find the true gems. The superhero skins that really stand out above the rest.

So check out the awesome, the strange, the funny, and the outright bizarre. And if you like any of them, click on their name in the header to go to the site to download them for your own collection.

1. Ender Iron Man skin

Would Tony Stark craft armor to harness the powers of the baddest beast in all of Minecraft? Have you met Tony Stark? You just know that's an ender crystal in place of his beating heart.

2. Chibi Captain America skin

Who's the cutest little grown up Boy Scout thawed out from WWII? That' right. It's Chibi Captain America. I can't decide if I should kill zombies or build a playground with this little guy.

3. Captain Iron skin

Can't decide between or for the current Captain America: Civil War movie? With the Captain Iron skin, you won't have to. It's the unholy union that's the best of both worlds...or something.

4. Ant-Man skin

This poor guy really gets no respect. At least until he slips between blocks and come backs with a pocket full of diamonds. He is a thief, after all.

5. Thor Creeper skin

The son of Asgard is looking a little green the gills these days. Seems Thor has merged with the creepers that infest the land at night and now the god of thunder is a zombie deity.

6. n00b Spider-Man skin

Not all skins are...flattering. Though Spider-Man was a fan-favorite for his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, some Minecraft modders have quite a different view of the webslinger. You have to admit, it is funny.

7. Deadpool Cat skin

Finding the craziest Deadpool Minecraft skin was no easy feat. It couldn't just be a recolor or a pig's head on top. It had to be something special. And what could be more Deadpool than a totally different form? Say hello to Deadpool cat. Rub it the wrong way and there's no telling what it might do to your house.

8. Superman Chickenhead skin

As you can imagine, the number of Superman skins is pages and pages long. But one stood out above all the rest and that was Superchickenheadman. I mean, just look at this thing. It's clucking incredible.

9. Batman vs. Superman skin

Like the vs. debate, you don't have to take a side. The front of this skin, as you can see, is pro-Batman, but the back is pro-Superman. So whether you are for the caped crusader or the Man of Steel depends on whether you're coming or going.

10. Wonder Mudkip skin

There are many crazy mashups when it comes to Minecraft superhero skins, but putting together Wonder Woman and the Pokemon Mudkip into Wonder Mudkip may take the cake. However, if that is what you've been looking for all your life, look no further, your dreams have come true.

11. Green Lantern Enderman Eye skin

This take on a Green Lantern skin incorporates the enderman eye design into the chest to make it a Minecraft original.

12. Baby Groot skin

There's lots of Groot skins to be had, but the best is baby Groot, of course. This skin has the sapling attached to a Steve already to show off your new friend for all to see. Just watch out for a raccoon with a penchant for violence and automatic weaponry.

13. Cyzarro skin

You've heard of Bizarro Superman? Well know you can get a Bizarro Cyborg skin otherwise known as Cyzarro. Believe or not, this version of Cyborg is really a thing. He's been featured twice in the LEGO DC Comics Universe.

14. Neon Green Lantern skin

There's Lantern Corp recruits from all over the spectrum of the rainbow, why not the neon colors as well, right?

15. Notch Cyclops skin

Who better to pair with the fearless leader of The X-Men than the fearless creator of Minecraft itself, Notch? One could only hope this creation could go eye-beam to breath-beam with the ender dragon.

16. All The Superheroes skin

Can't decide between all these heroes? Well, you don't have to. With this skin, you can play as a dozen different heroes as once. Which ones? Well, you can decide as you roam the land mining for diamonds and killing creepers.

17. DC Collage skin

Another alternative if you can't decide on just one superhero skin is the DC Collage. The front is stacked faces of Robin, Batman, Superman, and Cyborg. The back is Aquaman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern. Use them as totem poles in front of your village or just chase chickens and pigs around for hours.


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