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Anna Washenko

Since it launched in 2014, the shooter-meets-MMO Destiny has been gathering fans all around the gaming world. That community has united not just on the Crucible battlefield, but also on YouTube. Fans now make montages, music videos, and more to honor their love of the game. From rad skillshots to epic fails, here's some of the best of what Destiny's fans have created.

1. Let's start with Brett Main's very funny 'death-montage' that the average Destiny player can relate to all too well.

2. LittleBigOkey has one of the most perfectly soundtracked montages from The Taken King expansion.

3. The music selection is also trés magnifique is this sniper montage from PoketheCAREbear.

4. Exodass shares an impressive collection of no scope kills.

5. Mr. Fruit shows off some razor-sharp aim with that throwing knife.

6. Thriller music video. Need I say more?

7. SirDimetrious throws down some serious action (and that’s no lie).

8. And lastly, Destiny Music Video Hell: it was only a matter of time.


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