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One of the most important parts of winning a competitive MOBA like Heroes of the Storm is coordination. A team can't expect to win if it's not working together. But thanks to Heroes of the Storm's multitude of skins, coordination doesn't just have to happen when you're playing map objectives. Like any good team, you need matching outfits. Below, we have a list of several compositions that can charge into battle in style.

The Heroes Brigade

Starting us off strong is the Heroes Brigade pictured above. Led by the legally distinct Captain Stars and Stripes, these heroes fend off the evil forces of the Nexus in capes, masks, and, of course, style.

If you want to make your own Heroes Brigade in-game, you'll have to wait a few weeks until Knight Owl Medivh and Eagle Eye Tyrande are released. But Super Sonya, Stars and Stripes Raynor, and Star Princess Li-Ming are all in-game right now, ready to kick bosses and take lanes.

Super-villains of the Nexus

Look out, Heroes Brigade! No justice-dispensing team is without its enemies and the League of Nexus Ne'er-Do-Wells is putting on their fighting faces to take you down.

Mad Martian Gazlowe is the brain of their operations, while Space Lord Leoric and Kaiju Diablo provide the team's muscle. Serpent King Xul sneaks his way into the enemy's base and Crimson Count Arthas? Well, he provides the must-have, super-secret-hidden lair.

Your Nightmares, Alive

Not all teams need a backstory, though, and the group above is one such team. Proving you can always find a way to make anything terrifying, these heroes are scary enough on their own but together provide the Nexus's most terrifying Nightmare Squad.

From left to right, we have the Blizzard-store-only Bikini Stitches, the not-so-funny Funny Bunny Murky, Harlequin Nazeebo, Flying Monkey Brightwing, and Big Top Gazlowe.

The Cuteness Squad

Do you need a palette cleanser as much as I do after that last team? Then this next one should help. Surprising their enemies with their un-intimidating facade, the above composition should provide you with all the cuteness and silliness you could ask for out of Heroes of the Storm.

While the team is open to sub in a Support hero, its current ranks include Love Bug Anub'arak, Pajamathur Abathur, Kandy King Muradin, Roller Derby Nova, and Pajama Party Lost Vikings.

The Shadowblades

Of course, some teams are intentionally designed to fit together, and the next two in this list are perfect matches by design. But that doesn't make them any less badass.

If you're looking for a classic ninja squad, look no further than the Shadow Blade composition. Consisting of Ronin Zeratul, Shogun Artanis, and Shadowpaw Li Li, this bundle is relatively new, as the latter two hero skins were only just released recently.

The best part of this bundle? It still has room for two more heroes. Personally, I can't decide which two existing heroes would go well with this team, but I know I would love to see a ninja Murky or Sylvanas.

Lunar Lineup

And lastly, this set of holiday skins was made specially for the Lunar Festival (Blizzard's version of the Chinese New Year) and can still be purchased in full.

This set is made of Lunar Illidan, Lunar Chen, Lunar Li Li, and Lunar Jaina. Yes, it's a lot of lunar. Whatever originality the names lack, though, is made up for by the team composition. Chen and Li Li make a great Warrior/Support combo while Jaina and Illidan are both deadly Assassins that help round out the team.

Missing? A Specialist hero. But much like the Shadowblade team above, the Lunar team still has room for one more. It may not be until next January that we see another Lunar hero, but I'm hoping for Xul or Sylvanas. Xul because he needs a few more skins and would look pretty awesome in the Lunar garb, Sylvanas because I just plain love Sylvanas and also because she would finish off the all-Warcraft team perfectly.

Room for More

Of course, The Nexus is full of heroes and each hero has a multitude of skins. Some of these skins are designed to work together (such as the above Lunar skins), while others work together just by the virtue of their similarities.

Do you have any coordinated team compositions you'd love to play together? Or maybe you think the above teams could use a few substitutions. Whatever the case, be sure to share some of your favorite Heroes of the Storm team creations and don't forget, you can always submit your own ideas by becoming a Creator for Now Loading.

See you in the Nexus!


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