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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Over the last few years it seems as if Thomas the Tank Engine has become as ubiquitous with Bethesda's open world roamathons as glitches, bugs and hilarious tales of encounters on the road are. If it isn't a fire breathing version of the iconic steam train harassing Tamriel's inhabitants in Skyrim, he's turning up in Fallout 4 as a bonafide nightmare.

Now, if you managed to get your hands on FO4's first DLC pack 'Automatron', there's a handy little mod going about that turns your cybernetic children into a terrifyingly awesome, battle ready Thomas Tank. And yes he's just as dead eyed as usual.


Modder Higeyosi took it upon themselves to ramp up the horror of the wasteland some what by popping the wide eyed smiling face of Thomas to the list of craftable robo-parts. And threw in Thomas' customary toots as a means of conversation. Check it out in action below.


Is it as creepy as this though?

F**k that, mate
F**k that, mate

No. No, I don't think anything could be as creepy as that. But have a look at a few other examples of Higeyosi's monstrosities and see what you think.

I absolutely cannot wait for Fallout 4's console mods!

What about you?

(Source: Kotaku, Twitter)


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