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We've been hearing rumors of a PS4.5 for some time now. However, April was the month that saw the idea of another Playstation become reality thanks to a report from Giant Bomb. It stated that numerous sources confirmed the rumors that the PS4.5 was being developed and it was internally named the NEO — we also received tons of specifications for the updated console.

But now, thanks to a new report, it seems we may actually have a release window for this peculiar console.

PS4 NEO Reportedly To Release Before PlayStation VR

According to French video games distributor Innelec Multimedia (which was translated by VideoGamer), the PS4K NEO will release at some point during the first half of this fiscal year, that's a date range of April-September 2016.

The release window was reportedly mentioned in a press release announcing Innelec's FY16 earnings results, where it states that an "evolution" of Sony's PS4 console, which it refers to as "Neo 4K", will arrive during the first half of its current financial year.

This would certainly fit the report which stated the NEO would be released alongside the Nintendo NX at this year's Tokyo Game Show in September. But it's surprising that this new console, which has yet to be confirmed by Sony, is releasing before the PlayStation VR in October. Though there is a theory as to why this is happening.

Theory Time

Virtual Reality needs a lot of power behind it in order to properly function. Almost all of the games for the Oculus Rift, for example, run at 60 frames per second. You'll hear the developers of these devices speak about this frame rate a lot. Why? Because motion sickness has been one of the defining topic points around VR.

If the frame rate was to drop while you played a video game while wearing the Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR, not only would it be more noticeable, but you'd almost certainly feel nauseous. Therefore, what certain individuals in the industry believe is that Sony are releasing this PS4 NEO in order to accommodate the games that are being developed for PlayStation VR. The PS4 might not keep up with everything they have in store and you're likely to have a better VR experience with a console that boasts a better CPU, GPU, and more RAM.

But as I said, this is just a theory.

What do you think of PlayStation VR & the NEO?


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