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The time is here again in the video game world and that is the time for the next gen consoles to be out. It's always an exciting time to see what's coming in the video game world and this fall we get the latest from Sony. We have been hearing a lot of rumors about what to expect from Sony's next console but now it seems the wait is over. We are finally getting the next PlayStation later this fall and it has a peculiar name. IGN reported on a press release that reveals the new PlayStation is coming later this year:

In a press release posted on Boursier (reported by Otaxou and translated by VideoGamer), Innelec Multimedia states that what it calls the Neo 4K (lining up with previous reports about the console's codename) will be released in "the first half of our fiscal year" - that's a date range of April-September 2016.

The PlayStation Neo, as it's being called, will have higher clock speed, improved GPU, higher memory bandwidth, and will support 4K image output. The added power could also be used to handle Sony's upcoming VR system which is due in October. It would make sense for Sony to release its higher powered PlayStation a month before giving people access to VR. It's also being said that future games will include a Neo mode which would improve performance.

It seems, however, that people are still displeased with Sony already moving on to the next gen with another console this soon. The PlayStation 4 was released in 2013 which makes it about 3 years old only and to some it's too soon to have a new console. If this is indeed a more updated PlayStation 4 does that mean that the Playstation 5 is also on its way? According to President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, they are still unsure if there will be a PlayStation 5 at this time. The creator of the video game Oddworld, Lorne Lanning, had a joint interview with Shuhei Yoshida where they had this exchange at the Game Informer Show:

I said, 'well, what does the PlayStation 5 look like?' and he said 'you mean if'. [...] I said 'are you willing to say that on a stage?' and he said 'yeah, it's an if.'

It leaves you to wonder, if you already have a PlayStation 4, whether it will be wise to upgrade to the Neo later this year. In the meantime all we can really do at this point is wait and see what Sony has to say about this. If we do end up getting the Neo 4K it will be interesting to see what Sony shows to get players interested in it.


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