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Have you ever ended up sitting in the doctors office waiting forever to get called up? Had your flight delayed at the airport? Or even endured a long car trip just looking out the window? If you answered yes to at least one of those, you know what it's like to be bored out of your mind. I'm here to help cure your boredom! All you need to do is pack your tablet or mobile device next time you're anticipating a long wait, and have these games downloaded.

I guarantee time will fly by faster than it would take to download the following 7 games!

Jetpack Joyride: Price - Free

One of my personal favorites, Jetpack Joyride is a free game where you play as a man named Barry attempting to escape a laboratory on a jetpack. There is really only one gameplay feature, and that is touching the screen to time your jumps to manoeuvre around laser beams and electric traps. Pretty simple right? Well when I first downloaded it, I played it for about three hours straight rather than doing my homework. Yeah, it's that addicting. It gets increasingly difficult as you venture further on into the lab, and after getting electrified by a cheap laser, you only want to try to make it further.

Not to mention there's also a ton of customization options for your character and the jetpack, different equipment to help you get further, like mechanical dragons and motorcycles, as well as a lottery where you can win more perks. It's really quite the joyride.

Hill Climb Racing: Price - Free

Another game I've really come to enjoy, Hill Climb Racing is a physics based game in which you attempt to climb a hill in your car. Only you have to keep refuelling your car as you go, and holding on to brake or gas pedal too long will send you flipping over and landing on your neck.

You can go and unlock new and diverse places to race like the Moon, a racetrack, and even Mars. Also, as you collect coins on your journey you can upgrade the numerous vehicles available to unlock.

Plague Inc: Price - Free Limited Version, $0.99 Full Version

Have you ever had that sadistic side of you say to yourself, "Man I want to kill off the entire global population"? Well now instead of actually doing it, you can wipe out millions with this fun app! You start off with infecting your Patient Zero, and carefully guide your disease to let it spread out across the globe to wipe out as many people as you can before scientists can come up with a cure.

While it has a dark premise, there's something somewhat satisfying about watching your own disease grow and become something quite deadly.

Robot Unicorn Attack: Price - $0.99

Developed by Adult Swim Games, RBA is a game in which you play as a robot unicorn and jump over obstacles and blast through objects in your path.

While there's rainbows and unicorns, not to mention luscious landscapes, there's just something so addicting about it. Maybe it's the 80s sounding music, or the elegance of the robot unicorn gliding across the stage trying get the highest score possible. Whatever it may be, it sure is a lot of fun.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Price - $6.99

One of the most popular games in the world, having Minecraft on your tablet is sure to help you pass the time. Minecraft is all about doing what you want in the world, and a huge sandbox game like that leads to hours of fun activities like building all types of unique structures, fighting and killing monsters at night, or even just doing something as melancholic as tending to your garden.

Minecraft's only real limit is the player's imagination. So if you want to buy this, you better start thinking big.

Amazing Alex: Price - Free, $0.99 For Removal Of Ads

From the developers that brought us the Angry Birds games, Amazing Alex (along with complementing me) is a game that I find to be quite the time consumer. Its very simple premise consists of you putting together a number of household objects in order to complete a specific goal. Said goal can be popping a balloon, putting a ball in a basket etc.

The game has a total of 100 levels, each more difficult than the last. There is really something charming about completing what would originally be easy and mundane tasks in an over-complicated fashion.

Angry Birds: Price - Free

Speaking of Angry Birds you can never beat the classics, am I right? Angry Birds is the third most downloaded game app in the world, and for good reason. It's pretty damn addicting. By now if you haven't played the game, you at least know the premise. After pigs steal your eggs, you and your fellow feathered friends embark on what are essentially suicide missions to destroy pig bases by crashing into them.

As you move forward to different stages of different levels, you'll have to learn to strategically land and destroy their base while using the least number of birds you can, attempting to gain all three stars available. All this guarantees you hours of pig killing fun.

There you have it, seven games I feel could instantly cure anybody's boredom should the situation call for it. I hope you consider giving all or some of these a try and feel free to comment what your favorite time-consuming app is below.


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