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Doom has been out for just a day and already the internet is ablaze as players discover awesome demon shredding secrets. Bethesda and id Software have worked tirelessly to unsure that this edition of Doom is hailed as one of the series’ best. With attention being paid down to the tiniest of details, I reckon that they are certainly in with a chance.

So far, we have found some truly awesome Easter Eggs hidden throughout the game – from classic homage to iconic pop-culture references - Doom 2016 has been nothing short of entertaining. Below I will list the Easter Eggs found so far and how you can trigger them at home.

In no particular order and with potential spoilers ahead – I give you the Doom Easter Egg trail (so far).

Classic Doom corridors

Hidden hallways just like the one we are about to showcase are hidden throughout the UAC universe in this year’s Doom. This is just one example of how the developers have not forgotten the truly epic roots that spawned such an amazing franchise. Look for the hidden levers as you explore the hellish environment – if you uncover a secret you will hear a killer guitar riff. Take a look at this example of Bethesda’s amazing throwback.

'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'

I believe that this works with any giant vat of molten fire – If you do mistime your jump and find yourself plummeting towards a pot of molten fire don’t worry because something very special is about to happen.

Falling into the vat of molten fire will most defiantly kill your character, so make sure you are all saved up. Bethesda have included legendary pop culture imagery within this death sequence – as the player submerges beneath the molten fire you will see that just as you go under an arm will extend up and out of the fire and give the iconic, albeit slightly tearful, Terminator 2 thumbs up.

Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3

Try saying that three times really fast after a few too many bourbons. This awesome mini game can be found in the "Advanced Research Complex" mission. Hidden behind the stack of boxes in the corner you will find this classic turkey punching mini game. This is weirdly addictive, so try not to spend too much time back there.

'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'

It would seem that even the Dragon-born is not tough enough to battle through this new wave of hell spawn.

As you travel through the haunted halls of the UAC make sure to look around at the fallen as you go, you may just get a little surprise. It would seem that the demon plague has got the better of this video game legend. Bethesda like to include franchise crossover Easter Eggs so do look around for more exciting series mash-ups as you go.

Demon Destruction

Another brilliant mini game that can be found in Lazarus Labs. The line-em-up (Candy Crush) type game is another addictive nugget of awesomeness hidden within one of the computers. Complete with killer music this is definitely worth seeking out.

'Fallout' is everywhere

Ok, so Fallout is everywhere in the new Doom. Scattered throughout the UAC universe are multiple Fallout references, pictures and even characters.

Fallout tech can be seen used widely throughout the new game - take a closer look at some of the big doors, vehicles and machines – notice anything familiar?

Sean Bean didn’t make it!

Sean Bean isn’t in the new Doom and that is a shame but it is for very good reason – he’s already dead. In this brilliant nod to the inevitable death of whatever character Sean Bean plays Bethesda have included his name in the UAC initial casualty list.

The Icon of Sin Returns!

The terrifying boss to Doom 2 makes a return to Doom 2016. The iconic goat skull can be found hung over an direct portel to hell. If you shoot te goat skull in the forehead (as you did in Doom 2) it will summon the classic spinning box – follow that box as it desends and you will see one of the games best and last great Easter Eggs.

Welcome back Commander Keen

As a tribute to one of the developers first big games – Bethesda have included a cute little Easter Egg that pays homage back to Commander Keen. A series of space age platform exploration games that took players deep into the galaxy. The devs have upgraded this helmet a little and written Doom on the side of it. I guess we now know just how far Commander Keen actually got on his adventures – almost like event Horizon over here!

We are only a few days into Doom's release - there will be plenty more Easter Eggs to find! Maybe you already have? Make sure you send them into me or get them showcased in the comments below.

My full Doom review will follow in the next couple of days - Doom is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Source: gameranx, gameinformer


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