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Tim Horton

The Warcraft movie is very almost upon us and as the last of the pre-release trailers lands on our screens all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that this will be the turning point in video game to movie adaptations. With a killer cast, dynamite director and an enthralling universe this movie has all the ingredients to be a fantasy embroiled epic.

Warcraft's got talent - they’ve only gone and nailed it! This talented film maker/gamer has recreated the Warcraft trailer shot for shot within the actual World of Warcraft game. This stunning representation of Warcraft: The Beginning was created by Ivan Kuzkin.

Take a look at the two side by side and see just how much effort this fan has put into this video – enjoy!

From what I can gather from the making of the video is that the trailer itself was made using a number of different components one of which being World of Warcraft assets in machinima tools. This brilliant video I a testament to the talents of this aspiring film maker. Well done Ivan!

Lets take another look at that video but in full screen! Here is the full unedited creation - enjoy.

Warcraft: The Beginning releases June 3 - are you ready for the next big fantasy epic?


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