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And here I was thinking that Dark Souls 3 couldn't get any better.

Dark Souls fans, Zulliethewitch and ShadowedImage, have come together to enhance the experience of FromSoftware's conclusion to the industry's beloved trilogy. Their handy work will permit players on PC to limit their field of vision, but ultimately enjoy Dark Souls 3 in the first-person. Apparently this is everything the game needed.

The mod (which you can download here) runs surprisingly well and most certainly reminds us of Bethesda's masterful 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can check it out in action with Iron Pineapple's video below. Can't stop, won't stop.

Dark Souls 3 In First-Person Introduces New Ways To Die

But this got me thinking, what other games would suit first-person? Thankfully Rockstar have already realized our dreams of seeing GTA V from this perspective. But there are a few other titles that would suit this down to the ground!

Dead Space 2

Just imagine this thing running at you with no distance between you and Isaac. It would be absolutely terrifying and I'm not sure I'd be ready for it. That being said, I'm totally ready for Dead Space 4 and I doubt I'm alone.

Super Mario Bros.

Imagine what it'd be like to disappear into a pipe or perfectly aim a jump onto a goomba's head in one of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. games, or even the face of a bullet staring you down as it determinately rushes towards you. Make this happen, Nintendo, then we can create awesome levels for this perspective in Super Mario Maker.

Metal Gear Solid

Though the Metal Gear games have certainly featured first-person modes for taking aim at enemies, or crawling through vents, you're mostly static and limited with this field of vision. But imagine sneaking through the levels of Metal Gear Solid with no idea of what lies around every corner. Would certainly make the whole ALERT(!) far more shocking.


Just imagine how terrifying this would be if you could look behind you and see this spider coming straight for you. Nope.

What game would you like to play in first-person?


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