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That awesome looking logo that represents Hideo Kojima’s new independent studio has a big secret. According to an announcement made by Kojima himself the logo currently only represents a portion of the company insignia.

Speaking with Famitsu, Kojima revealed that the head within a helmet we see today is actually only part of what is a much bigger, ‘much cooler character’.

This logo has a secret. It has a full body, a really cool full body. We're planning on putting out a figure version of it.

He even went as far to call out for an anime show to be made for his new cool character. “It will look very cool” he said, followed jokingly by "Couldn't someone make like an anime or something with this character?"

A name?

Shorty after this announcement Kojima took to Twitter and announced that the character featured in the logo has a name. The name of the studio’s new mascot is Ludence.

He then went on to challenge the Twitter community with a fun and somewhat unexpected game. ‘What is Ludence wearing?'

This guy never stops being interesting. I guess that’s why we all love him so much – not only does he produce stunning games but he makes the process very encompassing – fans are made to feel as part of the team.

Hideo Kojima left Konami back in December 2015 and is now embarking on a new career as an independent developer with Kojima Productions. Kojima has already announced that the first title to come out of Kojima Productions will be a PC, PS4 exclusive and will cater to the action fans.

Not that we expected anything different. He went on to describe the game as one that will appeal to the fans of the Uncharted and Division type games. The long term plans for that game would be to extend it out into a series with anime and manga spin offs – sounds like it could be pretty thrilling.

There has been no real release date given but we can expect big things from Kojima productions as the year goes by.

What is Ludence wearing? I am imagining an armoured character down on one knee with some sort of long sword. Comment below.


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