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Though its reviews have been fairly mixed, there's no doubting that Homefront: The Revolution has within its dusty and melancholy lined walls one of the most badass easter eggs this old, sentimental man could possibly fathom. You'll probably dig it too. Yeah, I'd say so.

The egg in question harks back to the delights of TimeSplitters 2, arguably one of the best shooters to release post-GoldenEye 007, and offers you the chance of pitting yourself against the game's first two areas – Siberia and Chicago.

TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters 2

The TS2 Easter egg is a loving wink to its studio Free Radical Design, who had a fine lineage of FPS' to its name. Formed by past devs from Rare, the legendary developers worked together on the seminal GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark before forming Free Radical and creating the TimeSplitters series.

Free Radical were even working on Star Wars Battlefront III before going into administration. Imagine how good that could've been?

The levels, wonderfully restored, confusing controls and all, can be located in Homefront's restricted zone in an arcade cabinet popped out of the way on the upper floors of a grim looking place called The Bourse. Eurogamer have thrown together a great little video detailing how to get your hands on some vintage FPS fun.

And man was it fun. Here's the vid:

And if you haven't the time for the vid, take this here handy guide as a view into the beauty of nostalgia:

The Bourse

When you've arrived in the Restricted Zone's Market East area, head towards The Bourse, as highlighted by the pink and yellow graffiti on the right.

The Belly of the Bourse

When inside head for the stairs on the left...

High Rise

Once upstairs, follow the corridor around until...

Hey There, Ol' Timer

You find this useable arcade machine which, when booted up...

Return of the King

Transports you back to a world of wonder. Kinda like Narnia...

Remember Me?

But more shooty.

What do you make of that?

A lovely little homage or a waste of time?

(Source: Eurogamer)


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