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E3 is just around the corner – with just over three weeks until E3 the hype train is really starting to gather momentum for Microsoft. According to a recent podcast this year’s E3 presentation will be the stuff of dreams for all Xbox owners.

This latest hype comes from an announcement made by Xbox Programming chief, Larry Hryb as he teased that this year’s E3 presentation will be the biggest and most exciting reveal to date.

The podcasts suggest that Microsoft have been working on their ‘big reveal’ since December 2015 and that this year’s announcements will blow fans away – providing an experience that they will never forget.

Although never being specific he does go onto state that throughout the presentation there will be loads of ‘cool stuff happening’ and it will most certainly be the ‘best week ever’ complete with ‘a bunch of surprises’ if you are an Xbox owner.

The Podcast also hinted to the fact that a major Overwatch experience is planned for the week. This certainly makes sense considering that the upcoming title just smashed the beta participation record. The Overwatch beta attracted over 9.7 Million players and is touted as one of the most addictive and competitive shooters around.

No further details were made available but it does seem that this year’s presentation will not leave much to the imagination. I have to say that the hype is starting to get to me – with mere weeks separating us from E3 I am already climbing the walls. I can’t wait to see what this year’s presentation brings to the industry.

What do you want from Microsoft at E3?


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